PCIe addon board

Sooo, i have crazy idea to upgrade my NAS, to remove noise from hdd to ssd. But nvme is almost same price as sata ssd, so i’m thinking of switch from my 5 hdd to nvme, but i have two problems.

  1. there is no nvme --> sata adapter in wild.
  2. The only adapters i found is
    Asus HYPER M.2 x16 CARD V2

So my question is, does anyone have any experience with pcie adapters like this? And did anyone actually tried to insert x8-x16 boards into x4 adapter?

@Dante4 Take a look at this. Its description is very vague, though.

I researched this topic, albeit for other reasons, and came to conclusion that either way you end up with x1 link on each PCIe device - best case scenario it won’t be shared, worst it will sit behind a multiplier. So, in your scenario, using SATA SSDs makes more sense because they’re cheaper, and the whole project is cheaper not requiring additional infrastructure except maybe adapters if you go for m.2 instead of 2.5 - while NVME brings absolutely nothing to the project besides price increase, since no speed benefits at x1 link speeds.

I’ll be happy if you prove me wrong. (= Good luck, regardless.

Ah, yes, i forgot to update topic… Thanks for the links, but after a bit of research i were able to find this post

But sadly, this adapters just crash kernel, because of how exactly pcie root made in rk3399

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