Panfrost - rockpi4b - gaming test

Hi! I am testing rockpi4b with panfrost on gaming.
My setup its basically armbian on kernel 5.2 with an image created by myself with the armbian script.
ive record my footage from my rockpi4 itself, so thats why it looks choppy sometimes.
its my record, not the real performance.

hope you join my channel.


some mono games:


unrelated android mirroring:

a quick first introduction …


Hello Askmewho, those are some very impressive results. Especially when the actual performance is even better than the videos show.
I have some questions regarding your image as I’m currently experimenting with the rockpi4 a bit myself.
-Is the armbian you created based on debian or ubuntu (stretch or bionic)?
-If it’s based on ubuntu, would it be possible on ubuntu directly or is it armbian for a specific reason?
-Did the addition of panfrost drivers make a huge impact on your performance?
-Also, would you at all be interested in sharing your image?

Thank you in advance and best regards

Well, the impact its not already in browsing for example, chromium will be on soft render for now, thats told me alyssa. And every its on early stages, but on paper the gpu its more powerful than the rpi4 one, so we could expect great thing about it. This is my image, but ive recommend you to try to compile it , becase there are kernel improvements than they add there. Ive tried panfrost on manjaro too, but its not has good as armbian. Overall, you could expect long time to boot, even on armbian, but manjaro takes 3 minutes…so, i could not allow that.

What you need to run panfrost its a kernel 5.2 or newer, and with panfrost include as module. Then compile mesa with panfrost. Ive gave you the image already done with the kernel thing, then you need to install the driver, for what nicod and I crwated a easy tutorial than you can find justsearching on google on armbian forum.

And why ppl forget to link the source…

Dude, ive worked together with nicod, ive started the instructions and he polished them a bit. I were on a tablet at that moment…

And you still did not linked his thread, or posted in his. Instead you choose to create another topic on the same theme.

I’m silent to both you and NicoD that this forum have separate thread for Benchmarks and Tests, hell with this.

I do understand that everyone wants attention, but come on. Most forums design are not good with multiple threads. That one is not exception. Why create multiple threads of the same?

Didnt know than him has a thread here for that. Just take it easy. We all want the best for the board. Nicod is my friend, ive never tried to get your attention or take the attention than nicod deserves. Forums people are weird one…Good night.


new test

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