Palmshell Slim X2L availability?


Its great to see Radxa pushing affordabe x86 SBCs and judging by the early hype and reviews the X2L looks to be a great x86 machine with heatsink/fan.

Is there any news on when we can expect to see the Palmshell Slim X2L released as it looks to be an upgraded version with proper case and on board wifi, not to mention a fancy website with documentation. Great work team Radxa/Palmshell as the price = performance is encouraging and hopefully we see more x86 devices added to the range in 2024.

More ore less you can build by yourself, print a 3D case for the card, add a WiFi card and it is done.

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Yes that is true but explain why create a new brand and advertise the same board as Palmshell Slim X2L is same inside as Radxa X2L???

I will not explain, I am not working for Radxa.

I just think if you like the product and you are impatient, you could have it (more or less) quite immediately.

I would like to add the renderings in the commercial documentation are very false, the board is bigger than what you want in your pocket.

I agree that you can buy the X2L now and make your own case but that doesn’t change the fact that we have 2 brands selling a very similar product with one currently available as a development board and another marketted as a ‘pocket’ PC with proper case.

According to Radxa website the X2L is 155 mm x 80 mm which is smaller than your average smart mobile phone so I will have to take your word for it as I don’t own one and am interested in seeing how they price the Slim X2L as the proper case suits my needs better.

I understand “Radxa website the X2L is 155 mm x 80 mm” but for me it seems you have X and Y and no Z dimension.

Here is a comparison between a Xiaomi Note 12 (not sure) and the printed box. Of course the real product will be better than what I printed, but the smartphone has no RJ45 or USB ports to manage.

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Thanks for sharing the picture as it looks nice with the printed case and yes its far from pocketable.

For perspective the Note 12 is 165.9 x 76.2 x 8 mm so similar dimensions and from the eye maybe double the thickness without the phone case…?