Overlay for W1 on the Zero?

When referring to GPIOC_7 in GPIO Wiki 1, it stands out as the sole pin directly accessible from the provided list. Given its open-drain nature, it necessitates a connection to either Vcc or GND for accessibility. Is it possible that connecting both Vcc via a 4.7k ohm pull-up resistor and GPIOC_7 could result in parasitic power consumption?

After wrestling the challenges of setting up a build environment and striving to comprehend the requirements for converting device tree source (dts) into device tree blob objects (dtbo) using the device tree compiler (dtc), I have created two new sets of data objects, both in their source and blob forms.

When I tested both the high and low dtbo overlays by connecting power, GPIOC_7, a 4.7k ohm resistor, and a sensor signal wire on the same breadboard circuit, I did not observe the sensor being detected via /sys/bus/w1/devices/.

Hi @jegeg, because of the issues with GPIOC_7, I ended up going back to using GPIOAO_3

I strongly encourage testing without parasitic power initially. The original temp sensors I bought specified they could use this but in actuality they could not.

Simply a matter of connecting all three wires from the sensor.

Hope this helps!