OTG USB port not working properly

Hi, I’m using Radxa Zero 3E with Home Assistant Supervised (armbian bookworm). It is powered via GPIO Pins. When I’m trying to connect my Sonnoff zigbee dongle to OTG usb system doesn’t detect it. On the second data usb port zigbe dongle works perfect. I can power device via OTG port but can’t connect my Sonoff dongle. Problem is that I had to use only USB 3.0 for dongle connecting.
Do you know any solution (except hub) of this problem. I’m not an expert so if you know how to solve it in simple way I will be grateful for any advice.

Hi @suarez

Please share your armbian bookworm download link. I will check this issue.

Thanks for response.
I’ve downloaded it from https://www.armbian.com/radxa-zero-3/
Direct link is:

So, is there a chance to make functional OTG USB port in Zero 3E running armbian bookworm or any debian server?


USB OTG port is in OTG mode by default. To use Sonnoff zigbee dongle, you need to set it in host mode.

Please try the following steps.

1.Put this file to your OS. https://github.com/radxa-pkg/radxa-overlays/blob/main/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/overlays/rk3568-dwc3-host.dts
2.Run command.

armbian-add-overlay rk3568-dwc3-host.dts

3.Reboot 3W.

It works as I expected !!! THANK YOU

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