OTG Flashing ok, but device cant boot

Hi, newbie here. Tried to install an OS on my Rockpi 4B+ (eMMC soldered), with an SD card several times before but failed. Now, I am trying this method intead.

Everything went fine. Process goes well and successful up to ‘Download image OK’

But when I unplug and try to boot the Rockpi, screen stays blank, and no blue light at all. Only the green one was lit.

Can you guys advice on me about it?

Hi, can you try this image image, please try and give me a response

Ok sure. I will try it. Can you give a brief of what OS image is that?

Another thing that I would want to know sir, is there any other steps after downloading the image?
Or I can simply unplug and turn it on?

No other steps, Just unplug and turn on is ok

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This image is the lastest version, which can be compatible with different hardware versions.

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Seems everything works fine. Thanks sir.
Except for WiFi. I cant bring it up.
The Wifi works fine when I load an img (ubuntu 20.04 server) via sd card.

@RadxaYuntian please help to check this issue

Please send us the download link for your Ubuntu image.

May I ask what wifi model is? We verified this image works fine on 4B+ with ap6256 wifi module