OTG Flashing not working

I have tried to boot the rockpi4 into OTG flash mode. The switch is set to D, the USB A port connected to the top most USB-3 connection, the other side of the cable is USB-C connected to the computer. I have tried connecting this to a macOS machine and a RaspberryPi running Arch. The eMMC was connected without a partition (none recognized on other systems). I tried removing the eMMC and still nothing. The power was connected after the USB cable was.

I did notice one quick connect and disconnect (reported by the kernel) on the Arch system but have not been able to get that since.

Any suggestions as to what is happening / how to fix?


Did you read and follow the “Install from USB OTG port” instructions?
I haven’t tried these steps yet, but maybe the bold font in the description of the required USB cable has a special reason and must be followed exactly.


  • ROCK Pi 4 mainboard
  • eMMC module
  • Power adapter
  • USB Male A to Male A cable (important)

I managed to get it working while connected to a Mac with a USB-C to USB-A connector. Seems the connection will not work with USB-C on the other end. I also had a problem with my attempts in that the partition on the eMMC was not erased fully, the partition containing the OS was :frowning:
I’ve re-run this and things work with the USB-C to USB-A adaptor and of course a properly wiped eMMC.

So yes, solved.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ve managed to fix this and updated the wiki with the point on usb-c being possibly problematic.


Thanks for your contribution to the wiki.


Actually with a USB A to USB C cable(the same cable powering the ROCK Pi 4), we can flash the firmware with USB A to ROCK Pi 4 and USB C to a ASUS PRIME B360M-A motherboard PC running Linux.

USB A to ROCK Pi 4 and USB C to MacBook Pro with thunderbolt doesn’t work.

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