OS Options for ROCK PI4C+


I’m evaluating the Rock Pi4C+ as an alternative, but struggling to install it in the first place.

We require a Debian distribution.
Unfortunately, the official one has a kernel 4.4, which was EOL a year back,
So, officially, there is no secure and stable way to operate the Rock Pi 4C+ ?
If this is true, our customers won’t accept this security issue.

I must have been misled.

Could one please link me to an official Debian distribution with at least Kernel 5.10?


You need to use google.
Armbian is keyword

Hey Dante4,
thanks for the hint.
Trust me, I am using Google.

I already found this link (https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock4/downloads), where Radxa lists several options… but I was asking for an official Debian-based release.

We are running a stable 5-digt amount of Raspberry Pi 4 probes for our customers. We can not risk any trouble, so I only work with SBC vendors who understand to deliver stable OS versions.
From my heart, I’d love to use Armbian, but my customers need to trust the hardware vendor in the first place.

But coming to Armbian:

While I was able to install and run the current Debian release provided at the above link, I haven’t been able to run the Armbian Release.
What release would you recommend, and where to download it?
Do I have to run a particular installation routine? I’m installing it on MMC, flashed on my laptop (as mentioned: working fine with the Debian 4.4 release)


You simple can’t use official debian release since you need specific uboot, but you can use latest debian with mainline kernel with uboot, like here:


Have you tried


Hey Vladislav,

Thanks for the hint. It is working.

Actually, I guess it was working before.
I randomly was looking into the DHCP logs and found the Rock PI at a time when I wasn’t using the official image… I was able to ssh into it and figured that Armbian was using another HDMI port than the official image.

Many thanks.

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