OPNSense 20.7 for Rock-Pi-E

Greetings to all!

I have successfully built OPNSense for Rock-Pi-E.
You can download here

Configuration via WEB

Username: root
Password: opnsense


Amazing work by @SleepWalker

It worked on first boot omg things are coming together.

This is an updated version.
Now both the lan seem to work flawlessly.
Posting this over Opnsense firewall running on Rock-Pi-E, Great work by freebsd team and special thanks to @SleepWalker

Opnsense Lobby

Internet Speed test - This is my expected full speed.

Next is to test its limit with AV, IDS and VPN :wink:

Excellent, with the 4gb ram version more things could be done, it is a shame that it is not sold in the USA.

You donā€™t really be much of ram for opnsense or any other firewall.

2gb ram would be more than enough for firewall appliance use.

Does anyone know how to utilize wireless on this OPNSense?

Wireless communication does not work on board

Is there a way I can make it work ? Is this because RTL8821CU is not supported by FreeBSD ? I have a USB adapter with RTL8812AU which I can use in that case.

There is a way to make it work.
modify the rtwn (4) driver. man 4 rtwn.

It currently only supports RTL8821AU.

The driver for RLT8812AU is available and you can try to use it.
But I have not tested this option.


My ROCK-PI-E has not been delivered yet.

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What is the default userpass for ssh?

Username: root
Password: opnsense

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