Openwrt official support request

hi @jack I’ve just finished adding official openwrt support for Radxa CM3 IO
I want to continue with E25 - any chance I could get a board for development ?


Of course. Let me send you a PM :smiley:


just received the boards !
let the porting begin !
many thanks @jack !

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some progress update - some good news and a bad one.
good news is that support is easy to add as the board is already supported upstream in both linux kernel and u-boot.
However with openwrt’s opensource network drivers (r8169) I can’t get a connection - only a 100mbps link without real connectivity,
I’ve also opened a new thread asking how I can get a serial console out of the gpio ports - if anyone has an idea please comment.
also ending on a positive note is that using the realtek proprietary drivers r8125 in an openwrt fork (immortalwrt) allowed me full connectivity so that’s the backup plan - send a Pr for support there if openwrt’s foss drivers are a nogo.
I hope I’ll be able to share a build and some commits soon. stay tuned :slight_smile:

alright - it seems that some initial code changes corrupted the first builds but the good news is that r8169 opensource driver is working as expected
initial support code is in maurerr/openwrt at radxa-e25 (
compiled builds (both ext4 and sqashfs) - - select one - extract the img and burn it on an uSD card (tested) or on the eMMC (untested)
kernel modules (if needed) -
imagebuilder -
links should be available for 90 days - hopefully by the support will be merged in mainline
I’ll need to reformat the commits/description before I send the MR (hopefully next week)