OpenGL - Hardware acceleration

we recently bought a SBC CM3 with the CM3 IO board and installed all the software as per your instructions, however we realized that unfortunately there is no GPU graphics acceleration support.

We are porting our navigation system and everything works fine (I2C sensors, 1W, touch screen, audio), except hardware acceleration.

We have already searched all over the forum without success and we need to find a working solution with your hardware, can you help us please?

Thank you very much in advance


Rockchip kernel uses Arm Mali driver, which supports OpenGL-ES only.

You can try with gl4es as an alternative. For usage here is an example for ROCK 5B, but should work on CM3 as well.

Thank you @RadxaYuntian, unfortunately seems not working fine with SDL2.
We tried to install the libmali-bifrost-g52-g2p0-x11 driver via apt on a clean installation (both debian and ubuntu) but it doesn’t work either

rock@radxa-cm3-io:~$ glmark2-es2
arm_release_ver of this libmali is ‘g2p0-01eac0’, rk_so_ver is ‘4’.
Error: eglInitialize() failed with error: 0x3001
Error: main: Could not initialize canvas

What are we missing?

thank you

You need an SDL version to detect the rockchip platform to make use of mali.
You can try to build from sources, here is my deprecated version (outdated):

Newer versions from official sdl developers auto-detect mali if you build it from source:

My latest check was with SDL3.

Regarding glmark2-es2 you need a modified version build for mali. That depends if you are with debian or ubuntu.

You also need X11 Desktop with glamour or you can’t run unless you are with CLI (GBM)