OpenCL and ArmNN on Radxa Zero

I am currently using Ubuntu Focal Server image on my radxa zero and want to use openCL and ArmNN functionality on the board. Mali G31 MP2 GPU supports OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0 but I am unable to find any drivers for the same. Can anyone help me get on the right track here ?

OpenCL isn’t supported yet in the panfrost driver so you’d need to use the vendor mali driver. I’m not sure what images there are for this hardware using that driver, but check CoreElec.

You might find them on the Arm site
Always slighty confused but the mali blob for the G610 on the RK3588 works and also have found Mesa openCL to be buggy and not complete even on AMD APU’s.

If you can find the driver will give you the setup details