Only one USB port works

I’m running Armbian 21.02.3 Buster with Linux 4.4.213-rockchip64 on my RockPi 4C.
Only one USB port is working, top left (USB 3).

Watching syslog, the system doesn’t notice when I plug in a USB device (no log messages at all) and the LEDs on the USB devices don’t light up. It seems that the USB is not powered at all.

Any ideas?

Just set up debian on the 4C and USB ports not working at all so would be interested in a solution.

Just tried with rockpi4c_debian_stretch_desktop_arm64_20200716_0647-gpt.img and all 4 USB ports work.
Hmm, am I the only one who has that problem?


Seems to be a known issue: