OMV NAS Server with Rock 3A

Hello, everyone. This post is a just FYI.

I built an Openmediavault NAS server using the Rock 3A and an additional 2SATA to M.2 A+E Key converter.
The Photo is below.

The image is a recent Debian buster removing GUI related software package. The storage is a mirror disk with two old 2TB HDDs. The setup was 1.5 hours, not so difficult.
This mini NAS is quite stable and the performance is reasonable. The average transfer speed between the Windows PC to the NAS was about 60MB/s via the ethernet.

If you would have completed your study or development with the Rock 3A, how about this mini NAS!
Thanks for reading.


I had the exact same idea. I tried to compile an Armbian image on Buster and then OMV, but have not had luck yet. What exactly did you remove from the Debian distro in order for OMV to install? Have you tried it using eMMC, or just off the SD card?

Hi, Vitnim,
I removed the all gui environment of Debian Xfce desktop following the site of
$ sudo su
# apt-get remove -y --purge x11-common
# apt-get autoremove -y --purge
# apt-get install -y deborphan
# deborphan | xargs dpkg -P # do this a bunch of times
# reboot

After reboot
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt install wget

I also referred to for arm64 OMV install with skipping network setup by OMV because the network setup causes serious network trouble.

$ wget
chmod +x install
sudo ./install -n

Then you can login your the OMV NAS server by “admin” ID and password “openmediavault” at http://<your Rock 3A ip address>.
Good luck!

Oh my goodness thank you. I got far enough last night to run into the network problem. I will try again tonight and hopefully report back with success.

Success! Thanks for your help. I have not moved my disks over to the SATA adapter yet, but hopefully it will go smoother than the rest.