"Old" Pi S with bullseye, wifi and bluetooth

Hello folks,
i need small linux clients with bluetooth and wifi with debian bullseye. The Rock Pi S would be ideal. However, I did get a RK3308B without an “S” and think there are still plenty of them on the way (I’d have to spread around 3-5 around my house). The Radxa debos worked perfectly with Bluetooth, but there was no stable WLAN connection (distance to the access point about 1.5m). And the application didn’t work either. The application and the WLAN run perfectly under Armbian, but the Bluetooth controller is not supported. Similar to DietPi.

Now my question: Is it possible to install the correct drivers for Armbian (I failed trying) or is there a bullseye that works with WLAN and Bluetooth?

I am a user myself. Compiling the kernel is beyond my competence.