Official Raspberry Pi Display (touchscreen)

I looked into the schematics and figured out:
The Rock Pi X uses a 41Pin 0.3mm Pitch Dual Contact Connector (FH35C-41S-03SHW).
The RPi uses a 15 Pin 1mm connector.

I would try to connect:
MDSI_A_DATA1_* <-> DSI1_1
<-> DSI1_C*
MDSI_A_DATA0_* <-> DSI1_*
I2C_3P3_SCL <-> SCL0
I2C_3P3_SDA <-> SDA0

But it’s really hard to find a cable that fits this weird connector.



I have a rockpix and an official raspberry pi touchscreen.

The dsi connector of the pi has 15 pins and the rockpix ~20 ( hard to count).

I found some kind of adapters, but i’m not sure if they would fit.

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Any ideas if there is an adapter?

I am incredibly late, but would you mind sharing some of the adapters you found?