Official Debian on Rock Pi 4 Model C+


did anyone successfully installed Official Debian on Rock Pi 4 Model C+? I purchased model B, because it has RK3399 while model C has (different?) RK3399T and debian image name specifies RK3399 without T. I successfully installed official Debian on model B, however now I need two HDMI outputs which are only present on model C+, so I want to make sure that official Debian would work on model C+ as well before purchasing. Debian wiki unfortunately doesn’t have a page about Rock Pi 4, only some hardware list with A and B models. Just reminding that I’m talking about official Debian images, not the ones from Radxa.

I understand you concern, but this question you need to ask at the distribution / software partner you want to use.

If there is nothing on official Debian wiki, then it should mean something right?