Official Debian distro - got stuck

Hey! I’m pretty new to RockPi (1.4B 4gb version)
Today I’m finally wanted to start creating NAS, I got all planned disks, and while doing pre-flight checks, my Pi just got stuck.
I was already to create btrfs pool, just one more time checking my knowledge of commands.
Now i’m nervous, is that even good idea?
May be I should run this in disabled-X mode? (or how it should be named)
Before that I did apt update && apt upgrade and opened Chromium.
Well, any thoughts?

Hi. How stuck, mouse and keyboard can not operate? Will rebooting help?

On “official” Debian not since it has kernel 4.4.y. With BTRFS you should go with more recent kernel. Official Armbian server image with kernel 5.4.y will be much better start. Soon it will be upgreaded to 5.7.y

Yes, muse\keyboard, but also, I could not ssh into machine for reboot, so i was needed to just hard power off it.

Thanks, yes, I had some doubts about btrfs-progs version on this image, so thanks for advice

Hi. is it normal for Kernel 5.4 startup to be so slow? It took me almost 5 minutes to reach the desktop screen. is there any solution to this or should we wait?

This is solved in latest build - update / update bootloader.

well, if we started the offtop, then can i ask some questions?
Can I boot from SD-card, when eMMC is inserted?
And then, how to

apt update && apt upgrade ?

Apt update + upgrade to update packages, yes … but bootloader is updated manually via nand-sata-install … update boot loader. In case you boot from SPI, we don’t have a solution.

Thank you. So the best option so far to use Armbian 5.4 Focal is booting from usd. I am going to stay with my Armbian 4.4 with Spi boot, which although it works a little less quickly and runs with 10 degrees less average temperature than 5.4. Maybe in the next updates some things will be fixed and it will be safer to move to 5.4.

4.4 kernel is going into EOL direction. In case you have use case that only works on 4.4, stay there, otherwise is better to boot from uSD and running modern kernel.

5.4.y is by default clocked higher, but you can reduce max speed in armbian-config and have the same (temperatures) as on 4.4.