Official case for Rock Pi S?


I’m planning to order Rock Pi 4, also interested in Rock Pi S. Any chance there will be an official case released for Rock Pi S soon? I can modify Orange Pi Zero case for the purpose, but that board is noticeably bigger…

Allnet has a plastic top and bottom, not really a case but I ordered it protect the electrical exposed stuff on the bottom while testing. I will put in a simple small plastic box once I verify everything is working.
The size is 1.5x1.5inch (~38.1x38.1mm) so I will need around a 50mm x 50mm x 50mm box.

maybe something like


Thank you, wasn’t able to find acrylic case on allnet website for some reason. I definitely need something fully enclosed, though.

Pinfox looks nice but is very expensive, and I’m not sure I’m good enough with my rotary tool to get ports locations the right way.

Rock Pi S and Orange Pi Zero have similar port locations, so modifying the side with Ethernet and USB doesn’t look hard; on the oppositve side I will probably put a type c to micro USB adapter, it should compensate for Rock Pi S smaller dimensions. Also, I"ll probably make a sub-board for headphone jack.

Did you ever find a case for these Rock Pi S boards? I’m thinking of printing one if I can’t find a good one.

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@mscottie no, I didn’t.

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