Nvme test hdparm hp900

Hi. I have a doubt. I am currently working on manjaro, on rockpi4b, with a multiboot image. I have debian and armbian on the same disk. I already tried all three, but the only one that shows high speed with the nvme is manjaro, around 900 mb. With the same hdparm -tT test.
I have tried pcie gen 2 overlay in debian and in armbian. in debian it throws about 600 and in armbian it doesn’t work.
Someone knows what this is?

hdparm is wrong tool and second, nobody know which hardware layer you are using. You are telling us which wallpaper is on your screen. That is irrelevant for hw diagnostic.

Hi, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in replying. If it is not annoyance, could you suggest me a correct tool to measure nvme speeds? Ask me for the information you consider appropriate. Thank you