NVME+SPI Compatibility lists for Debian/Armbian/Android

I’ve had a RockPi 4C for a while. Recently I saw the post about extended NVME compatibility forArmbian, which inspired me to give it all another go.

Seeing as what I really have i mind for a project is NVME boot for android, I thought I’d give that a go first.

What I’ve run into is that I’ve found explicit compatibility lists for linux installs in the FAQ here:
Now the drives on this list appear to all pretty much be unobtainium. I can’t find a drive for sale that is on this list at all.

There is also a compatibility list for armbian (which is alot longer) here, many of these drives are readily available:

But there doesn’t seem to be an explicit compatibility list for which NVME drives work with android anywhere. Is there such a thing?

I’m looking for it because I appear to be having much the same issue as I was having with the debian install with the android 10 install. Before I invest in a different nvme drive, I’d like to have some confidence that it will all actually work.