NVME & SPI boot problem after u-boot update

Yesterday Im update kernel from version 4.4.154-108 to 4.4.154-109 and u-boot from 2017.09-2690 to 2017.09-2693 and after update my rockpi4b do not boot anymore from SPI … I can normaly boot using sd card and loading root partition from NVME…
Im try downgrade kernel to 108 but do not help. How can I flash old u-boot image to SPI?
Thanks for any help.

I can confirm that “2017.09-2693-gfe19bdb514” uboot image is broken and after flashing SPI NVME boot do not work anymore.
Im download deb package uboot “2017.09-2690-gdf20631bd8” from git and downgrade it using dpkg and reflash SPI and booting from NVME is start working again…

I upgraded the kernel to 4.4.154-109-rockchip-gb04eccb4588e, and then upgraded the uboot in SPI to 2017.09-2693-gfe19bdb514, which can be started normally.

First, I upgraded the kernel to 4.4.154-109-rockchip-gb04eccb4588e by execute “sudo apt get install linux-4.4-latest”, and then from here (https://github.com/radxa/apt/blob/gh-pages/bionic-testing/pool/main/r/rockpi4b-rk-ubootimg/rockpi4b-rk-ubootimg_2017.09-2693-gfe19bdb514_all.deb) Download the DEB package and extract the (rk3399_loader_spinor_v1.15.114.bin) and (uboot-trust-spi.img), and then follow here (https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/dev/spi-install), I upgraded the uboot in SPI. Finally, power on again and I can start it successfully.

I hope this will help you

@Stephen Can you check this?

@Shine If you update kernel&uboot(SPI) from apt repository does or desn’t work for you?
I didn’t try manual update to latest version from package. Im install it with(I use bionic-testing):
sudo apt-get upgrade
And update package rockpi4b-rk-u-boot-latest and rockpi4b-rk-ubootimg

Maybe in latest uboot is something change for nvme… I using Micron 2200 MTFDHBA256TCK nvme which officaly isnt supported but it work on older kernel/uboot.

Currently Im back also on old kernel(4.4.154-108-rockchip-ge9277b7e857a) because with new kernel my home automation software(Openhab2) doesn’t work ok(zwave USB device do not work ok)… But I need to debug what is real reason when I will have some free time…