NVMe on 4b M.2 AGAMMIXS11P-512GT-C

So I have a 4b rev 1.4 board that I purchased last Sunday, and I’m currently trying to get the AGAMMIXS11P-512GT-C to work on it via the NVMe PCI-E port.

I am unable to see the drive at all via lsblk, fdisk or any other method I’ve been able to find. This is using the same sm2262en controller as the AGAMMIXS11P-256GT-C that is listed as working under linux kernal in the FAQ.


I have confirmed that my NVMe stick is working as I can see it once I use a NVMe to usb 3.1 type A adapter. I was able to see it in recalbox and in windows on my main machine using the usb adapter. I’ve tried formatting it in exfat4. I am also fairly confident the nvme slot is working on the Rock Pi as when I loaded it up with the recalbox image it prevented debian and recalbox from booting via the eMMC flash. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I noticed some others having somewhat similar issues with Samsung SSDs. Should I pick up another NVMe? I bought this one because of the reasons I posted above and because it was the cheapest & fastest NVMe with onboard DRAM.

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so what do you want to archive? you want to boot recalbox in nvme?

Some user confirm that, some SSD controller can only work in PCIe Gen3 mode, which is not supported by ROCK Pi 4, such as Samsung pm981.

I’m actually less concerned about booting from NVMe and more wanting to have it available as on board storage. So I can return this possibly and try another SSD, but I’d prefer something higher quality with DRAM cache.

At this point I’d be willing to buy any 500GB non-HMB NVMe SSD with a DRAM cache. That is known to work out of the box and is < $100 USD on Amazon. This would be for use in Recalbox, booting would be a plus but I’d take working at this point. Can anyone confirm if Western Digital WD Black 500GB M.2 2280 model WDS500G2X0C is working on Recalbox?

lenovo PCIe m.2 ssd Allnet

Sadly I can’t afford $30 in Shipping and handling, and it’s DRAMless

Cant say about the model you mention, but WD Black NVME SN750 500 GB seems to be supported.

Its demonstrated in this video:

The model you mentioned also seems to be supported.