Nvme boot with complications

I purchased a nvme m2 as the boot failed due to chipset changes but before acer was chosen.
The m2 will boot from SD card (not SPI) with root on nvme and on this machine that is ok.

Since I’ve got issues I used dd to blot out the first 100M of the nvme and carefully followed the ‘Boot from nvme tutorial’

The kernel I’m running is
linaro@linaro-alip:~$ uname -r
but /boot has only
linaro@linaro-alip:~$ ls /boot
System.map-4.4.154-111-rockchip-g39b306a41b2d hw_intfc.conf
config-4.4.154-111-rockchip-g39b306a41b2d initrd.img-4.4.154-111-rockchip-g39b306a41b2d
dtbs overlays
extlinux vmlinuz-4.4.154-111-rockchip-g39b306a41b2d

I thought that only uboot was read from the SD card but it must be the kernel too.
There are no modules for 107 in /lib/modules but
/dev/mmcblk0p5 on /media/linaro/2670c200-f2ba-4a8f-a4a2-2c7892220047
has the modules and copying them to /lib/modules allows them to load and be used.
I want to look at SD /boot but I can’t mount it (it must have kernel 107) but I want to deploy to lots of systems where I do need a module loaded.
Something is wrong, this brain surgery should not be needed and I don’t want to do it on every system deployed.
What is happening
How do I mount /boot from the SD card