Not using Windows. Are drivers still needed?

Just received my four X2L’s and am looking to use them with Rocky Linux. The OS installation info on the wiki is very Windows-oriented and appears to involve installing extra drivers into the OS. I assume none of this will be needed with Linux except perhaps the steps needed to talk to the Raspberry Pi Pico as described on the GPIO page?

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For Linux, all the the driver should just work out of box unless you use some special m.2 wifi cards.

The Pico doesn’t require additional driver to work under Linux, you just install the IDE to program it.

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Tried with Thonny, it is working.

But I agree with @Scienceman: there is too much information for Windows and not enough for Linux. The people who will buy the card(s) are interested in Linux, I mean this should be your target at Radxa.

The card is fun, not expansive and with enough power to run Linux in a comfortable way.

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