Not all apps appear on the home screen

I’m new here we use the Rockpi4 for some days with Android 7.1.2 -
Some apps like eg. Lightning, Chrome or others do not appear on the start screen and I can not find any settings where I could change that.
Who can help ?

Google never supported Chrome on AndroidTV, so you have to sideload it and it will also not show an icon on the home screen.
You will need Sideload Launcher or another app to view normal Android apps that are not AndroidTV apps. In the AndroidTV Pie firmware, an Appdrawer app is already included.

If you want to put a normal app on the top favorite row, you can make a shortcut app for it with this site and install the app.

hello mo123,

Thanks for the information and help, that has brought me further.
Through your information could also solve the problem with the uninstallable APKs.


I have faced the same problem with my Lucky Patcher app. You can reset the device…