Not able to boot up from eMMC drive

Hi there, I am having an issue now. I am not able to boot up from my 32GB eMMc. Booting from SDCard id OK. I try etcher both rockpi4_debian_stretch_lxde_armhf_20181105_2120-gpt, rockpi4-debian-stretch-desktop-arm64-20190730_2022-gpt & Armbian all “No Go”. I realized that the Blue light is always On. Pls help. Thanks.

What if you have uSD card and eMMC both attached? Can it boot? If yes, do you have /dev/mmcblk1 device? Can you paste the dmesg to pastebin after system boot?

I am only able to boot from SDCard with emmc module installed. Without the SDCard, it just cannot boot up. Just a blank screen with blue light and green light turn on always.

Once it boot up with the SDCard, the blue light will start continuing blink twice.

It seems the eMMC module is detected booting from uSD. Do you have u-boot in SPI flash?

Hi Jack. I just manage to get it boot up from my emmc. I need windows sdformat software. My linux disk manager also cannot get it to work. After the long format by sdformat software, I re-etched the image and it just work. It all start with Armbian by installing boot from emmc.