Non debian installation in internal flash

Hi. I was trying to install armbian and slackware to internal flash but it seems those images after flashing are missing partition table. I.E. after flashing running rkdeveloptool ppt says Read GPT failed! Read parameter failed! Not found any partition table!
And therefore I can’t boot any other image other than debian.
Any idea how to fix this?

@Dee Armbian image was created before the models with internal NANDs were available and writing it to NAND is not supported. Even if you succeeded with flashing it is highly possible that the device will not boot with this configuration.

I now have devices with NAND and will see to make it work.

Thanks! :smile: I guess it is the same with slack-ware then. Anyways I figured the 1Gb NAND on my board is not enough for me if I don’t cross-compile so even with few mb smaller OS it won’t be enough. So I guess I will switch to sd card anyways.