NO working GPU driver on rock 5B 3588 chip


Here is the output of glxinfo -B, and I am using the default kde debian build 39

libGL error: failed to create dri screen
libGL error: failed to load driver: rockchip
libGL error: failed to create dri screen
libGL error: failed to load driver: rockchip

This does not make any sense since I am using the official system and it does not support proper rendering.

The issue is that I have a software that is throwing the same error and that is failing to load texture on the screen.

Any solutions ?

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The solution is not to use the official system

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too late, already deployed in the field.

Do you know what system should I use ? for next times ?

There is no OpenGL support, the Rock 5 GPU only supports OpenGL ES (EGL/GLES), so you need to try


and ensure your applications can run with OpenGL ES libraries.

Its never too late. Try Joshuas Image.

@mtx512rk thanks for your response.

However, eglinfo does not exist as a software on the system and it is only a library.
btw, do you what are the libraries related to opengl ES that we need to link against for my application, because probably this is possible to do.


If your running x11 then try es2_info instead of eglinfo. If your using the Rock official debian 11 image then it should have the libmali-valhall-g610-g6p0-x11 package which contains the libs and symlinks. The mali libraries/firmware are here if want to symlink yourself, however they will be kernel dependent. If your compiling your app then normally you link against -lGLES -lEGL .

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Thanks for the info, I installed es2_info and I was able to link my app easily against GLES and EGL, butthe problem now is that all the rendering is black, and nothing is working. The rendering is still better using OpenGL.

Also the above error consist when I start also my app even if when I link against GLES and EGL.

btw, there are two different GLES and EGL on my rock5, one of them is libEGL_mesa and the other one is just libEGL, I am wondering if there is any difference between these two, or If any need to link against the mesa one. Similar thing for the GLES, where there is an entire library that is located in the /mali/ directory

I would first see if es2gears runs with acceleration. If it doesn’t then your xorg config or something else is not correct. If it runs then something in your app isn’t correct for OpenGL ES. Regarding libEGL, llbGLESv1 & libGLESv2 should be sym linked to libmail so those are ones that need to be linked against. If they are wrong you can just reinstall the libmali-valhall-g610-g6p0-x11 package.

Please see: No GPU acceleration on Radxa Zero 3W with Debian Bullseye (much the same reason)