No WiFi device visible Rock Pi X 1.41

hi all,

i am quite new to this device (or it is to me ;-)), i am struggeling in getting the Broadcom Wifi device visible in general. Is there something i have to check/change in the BIOS . In dthe devicemanager there is no WiFi device visible. (it works with an USB WiFi dongle but i would like to have the onboard device running.

tnx 4 help


Under Windows:

First, download and install:

Then, download
extract and copy all files to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and reboot.

Tnx for you advise.

I installed the corresponding drivers but no success yet.
When checking the device mgr i don´t see a Wifi Network Device. Also no Bluetooth device.
I something wrong in my BIOS setup?

tnx for your support

Additional info: After installing ubuntu there is also no wifi device visible. Only bluetooth. So i think it is a BIOS issue.