No USB on Waveshare CM4-IO-BASE-A

I’ve tested all images I could find, but I never got the usb-ports of the waveshare board to work with my cm3.
I did put the dto line in uEnv.txt or extlinux.conf (depending on what image I used). I also debugged the boot with my uart adapter and was able to see that uboot loaded the pi-cm4 dto while booting to linux.
I’ve tryed another board, but there was no usb, too.

lsusb shows the usb-controllers, but no device connected, despite me trying several devices on different usb-ports.

Did I miss something ?
How can I make usb work, because without USB the cm3 is just an expensive brick laying around.

Hello, please refer to here

Try the following command

sudo su
echo host > /sys/devices/platform/fe8a0000.usb2-phy/otg_mode

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It has no effect.

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