No sound after Ubuntu update

Dear community,

I started again working with rock pi x. I installed latest LTS Ubuntu. Tested everything. Everything was fine except wifi. Updated firmware with files provided in the wiki for Bluetooth and wifi. Cool. I had everything.
Then I decided to upgrade software to the latest version.
Nothing special.
apt update
apt upgrade

Everything is perfect, except one thing I need a lot. No sound devices at all.
After update I have no audio devices.

Does anyone has the same issue?
How to get sound devices back, especially HDMI?

Thank you dear community for your attention.

Best Regards,

Btw, I made a photo of the screen that appears for half a second during the start.
And there is the line:

10.618086] atomisp-isp2 0000:00:03.0: Support for Cherrytrail (ISP2401) was disabled at compile time

What could I do with that?

Thank you for your attention