No sch_netem module on Buster 4.4.143-67-rockchip

modprobe sch_netem

modprobe: FATAL: Module sch_netem not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.143-67-rockchip-g01bbbc5d1312

How to install sch_netem module on this OS?

anyone from RADXA can help?

We need to update the kernel, what is this module for? @Erwin_John

Hello Jack,

It is a network emulator used to traffic shaping to control bandwidth in an interface. I am building my Rockpi S as a gateway server.
For more info about the module please check:

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@jack do you have a guide on how to update the module myself or create a new kernel?

Here is the guide to build kernel for ROCK Pi S:

PR are welcomed :slight_smile:

Thanks @jack