No HDMI console with plain Debian on UEFI

I like to have my ARM SBC booting UEFI so I can boot regular aarch64 Debian easily, since you can almost use one image for any EBBR board. So I prepared a sdcard for my 4B and it just worked. Well except for one thing: I don’t have a console on HDMI.

I used Armbian to update U-Boot and the console was working fine. I also checked /proc/cmdline and can confirm I have console=tty1 in it.

Any help is appreciated. My tty to USB is broken at the moment and I’m having a heck of a time to fix my board. Doing some network experiment and whenever I lost SSH connection it is faster to reimage the card. I’m considering getting snapper on it as well now.

Switching from Debian mainline kernel to Armbian kernel fixed this issue. Gonna check kconfig and see what’s different.

Why don’t you simply use Armbian? It has better support then Debian and Ubuntu out of the box.

I’m trying to build a custom image and debootstraping my own minimal rootfs is the most straight forward way to have a base OS. If Armbian can be installed in the same way I’m down to try it out.

Edit: I might sounds like I was going to compile my own kernel but I was just curious why it doesn’t work.

This is exactly what Armbian build framework do + a lot more. A prebuild Armbian is a result of that tool. Armbian is calling out for help on maintaining in case you feel a desire to improve deboostrap process. A job i this area is never done. Within Armbian build framework or in parts that are used.

Absence of board maintenance? Debian is pretty raw & generic, works well on mainstream, elsewhere is pretty random. The same goes for mainline kernel.