Newly installed ubuntu desktop sleeps then cannot acces via ssh

After I installed ubuntu desktop on my rockpix I have noticed after some time if unused the ubuntu goes to sleep or ssd connected via usb goes to sleep or something that I am not able to ssh remote.

please help

I’m having the same problem: Ubuntu installed, running headless (but with an HDMI plug to pretend to have a monitor). After a short while of inactivity, machine hibernates and can’t be woken up except by hitting power/reset.

This means the Rock Pi X is pretty much useless for my intended use.

Help would be appreciated

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Thanks - that’s what I tried last night:

 sudo systemctl mask

It’s stayed up all night, so maybe that’s fixed it.

headless, with or without hdmi.

You do need an HDMI plug for remote desktop on the Rock Pi X. Ssh doesn’t need it, of course

I am not sure if it works, but you could try this solution: