Newbie : New Rock PI4-C Can not boot from SD card reader

Hi all ,got my new Rock Pi4-C on monday Nov. 9 . 2020
I have a new Samsung Evo Plus 64Gb sd card for it - verified . Usewd etcher and burned the Ubuntu Arm 64 20.10 server image to it , When I was about to put the Sd card in its slot I noticed the slot was a little loose . Anyways put the card in and the holding bracket fell off … Have put a email in to Allnet with no reply .
I put the sd card into a Usb 3.0 card reader and then into the OTG port , board powers on with green light , but no boot .

  • Don`t know if the SPI are flashed from factory and yes there is one on my board
  • want to use a compatable King Spec 128Gb NVME ssd when it gets here ( between Nov.27-Dec 3 )
  • best OS to use with a 5.4 or newer Kernal to use , like a kinda Linux Mint image , hate Android
  • Can the SPI be flashed to my Rockpi4-c from my Win 10 only Pc, I have the OTG cable
  • I do not know Linux comands , would need to copy the Sudo thingy comands
  • is it posible to boot from my Sd card reader until my NVMe ssd gets here or Allnet fixes my sd card reader
  • I have gone through alot of posts and Youtube videos but not sure where to go as all Radxa down load pages are all old Rock Pi4 - A or B model links
    Thanks for any and all help , as Allnet hasen`t replyed to my email , Bill