New version of Rock Pi S (V13)

The latest Rock Pi S I have acquired is marked a V13 but strangely has the same date marking 20190910 as the V12 example I have. What if any difference is there between the V13 and V12? The V13 isn’t mentioned on the Rock Pi S hardware page at

It is mentioned there now, but what changed?

It’s very trivial, changed 4pins signal on the 26p header 2.


Pin in green are changed.

It’s requested by some users to connect more sensors.

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Also you other guys as this isn’t a criticism but purely opinion and feedback.

I am starting to see the pin allocation as a catch-22 where we are just playing musical chairs and someone is always left out.
My thoughts of late especially due to the ADC having much wider scope than just mics, a whole load of other pins from LCD to headphone, SPDIF in, a whole shed load of PWM and GPIO.

The more I think about it, this SoC needs 2x 40 pin headers as it doesn’t compete with the Pi Zero as this SoC competes with the Pi3A+.

The size of a zero to the size of A format pi is not so much an applicable issue and also price after P+P means as a non Raspberry product it does undercut and offer more.
We do seem to be playing pin musical chairs and it tries to focus on something its not which is the Zero that is so much showing its age its EOL is relatively soon.
The Pi zero scope for many projects is limited even though the fan base will shed tears at that, the reality is true.
You do have a product that competes extremely well with the Pi3A+ and IMO like Upton says is raspberries best product.
In 64bit bit applications a Pi3A+ x40 what the zero can do and is extremely good value for the $10 dollar extra.
The RockPiS offers similar for only $5 extra.
Its the Pi3A you should be aiming at and 2x 40 pin headers will only add to the RockChipS and not detract.