New ROCK Pi X doesn't boot

Last week , I received my long waited Rock Pi X board , and as soon as I got it, I started my work on it.
Unfortunately I hit some problems from the beginning.
At first, my board doesn’t boot. only after switching power on and off for a dozen of times, I got the RADXA logo and then the BIOS panel.
I could barely install Windows 10 , but it was a long and hard procedure , since the board froze each time it had to reboot, and I had to go to power off/power on procedure each and every time.
Any idea how to solve this issue ?

Sounds like you got a bad board. I would contact radxa for a replacement since it should be under warranty.

In order to be able to go into this in more detail, we need more information.
What kind of power supply do you use?
What kind of cable is used for the power supply?

  • Can it meet the higher requirements of the RP X?
    What was connected to the RockPi X?
  • Only keyboard, mouse and monitor or more?

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How did you manage to finally boot the board? I´m still in that process and it´s been arduous. I have made a booteable USB with Ubuntu 20.04LTS and my screen jus go dark when I select this pendrive from the boot menu. Did you face something similar?

the problem I had is different. My board didn’t start when I powered it on. I had to power it on and off several times before it could start and boot. I checked the power supply ,replaced it , and that didn’t change anything. So I reached the conclusion that I received a damaged board , and I threw it away.