New rock pi - only with nvme ? no eMMC and no uSD - any chance to install?

Hello out there!

my rock pi arrived today!

  • Rock Pi 4 Model A 4G Starter Kit
  • M.2 Extend Board
  • Samsung 970 Evo m2 250GB NVMe

Now I wanted to install the rock pi.
But did I understand correctly that this is not possible without uSD or eMMC?

So here I have only the m2 extension board + one m2 250GB ssd?

Can somebody tell me what is going on?


look up here: Installing images with DD, no need for emmc adapter, run on USB3 or M2 per default

If this is required, I will upload images I created as well as scripts to create them from original image.

To install it to NVMe is not a problem, to have boot partition on it is a problem, which is solveable but not recommended. In case you use 2 M2 disks, you probably would want to run them in RAID-0 mode which also cant include boot folder. With that, I am quite satisfied with how RADXA did it. They use PARTUUID which will always hook up root partition, thats most simple method which I described in my thread, but of course you can create new partition, with that they will have new partition ID’s and then recreate own image from scratch. Why I didnt go that path is simply because RADXA will update its images, which makes it much easier for me to maintenance it from view of a customer.

BTW, I also tested 970 EVO which actually performed at the same speed as my $ 36 M2.ssd over USB3. I then took from my old notebook some slower M2 (from Lenovo) which does perform like 970 EVO. I would mean that RADXA’s recommendation for 970 EVO is not good as it is to expensive for rock and does not give you full speed 970 EVO can, in comparisson, I get on my AMD system around 3500Mb read/write, which is very far away from what I get on rock.

Additionaly, your rockpi gets hotter, I bought those big coolers from RADXA as well as normal casings which include alread some heatsinks (small). I took 3 of such and placed it on my NVMe which I took out from my notebook, they cool it pretty well. I also place one acryl case beetwen the mainboard and m2 so that heat from m2 disk is at least a little bit blocked.