New Rock 4B+ not booting up

I have just received the following: Rock Pi 4 Plus V1.73 with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMc installed.
Unfortunately the computer does not boot up after attaching power. Instead the following happens at the same time: 1. green light is solid; 2. blue light is solid for 0:16 then flashes twice every one second; 3. the monitor is dark. I have flashed Debian, Ubuntu, and Armbian onto a micro SD card using Etcher on a Linux desktop. All OS images were downloaded from the Radxa “Downloads” page. I have checked all cables, cards, card adaptors, and power supply. Boot failure is the same outcome. I am using a Qualcom 3.0 quick charge for powering the board.
I have read all similar complaints on the forum and have tried the proposed solutions when possible (I’m sorry I can’t read Mandarin/Cantonese ;^( ). I have no way to flash an OS onto the eMMc since I can’t boot from the micro SD card.
Thanks to anyone who can help me boot this exciting SBC :^)

The board is booting if the blue led flashes twice a second, if you connect the ethernet cable, can you see the device from your network? check the network devices from the router management page. You can try to ssh to the ip of the board, the default user/passwd is rock/rock.

Thank you Jack for your swift reply. Following your advice I successfully logged into the Rock 4B+ using SSH and indeed the board had already booted up my copy of Debian Bullseye XFCE. HTOP showed that all hardware resources were functioning well. So I turned my attention back to the dark monitor and, after using different monitors and HDMI cables, I discovered that I had consecutively used two defective cables - what are the odds of that? ;^( Once that was sorted, I connected with the desktop and found that the board worked as advertised :^)
Many apologies to Radxa for mis-interpreting the dark screen as a boot failure. Thanks again for the support and I look forward to exploring this SBC as a desktop computer for daily tasks :smile: