New Rock 4A Plus won't boot from SD Card

I have purchased a new Rock 4A Plus. This model is screen printed on the device also.

I have tried both the Offical Images for Debian and Ubuntu images from the “ROCK Pi 4A | 4A+ | 4B | 4B+” column.

Images were written to micro SD cards using Etcher.

Neither of these will boot. The device shows a solid green light/LED and a blue light/LED flashes with a consistent pattern. Blue light starts as solid then starts flashing after a few seconds.

There are many pages describing the getting started process and it appears that an Micro SD should always still boot.

How do get the board to boot from an micro SD card?

can you check serial console?

I managed to get the device to boot correctly.

I turned the power on and held down the restore button for 10 seconds and released it. I then left it a few minutes and restarted the device by unplugging and replugging.

I have not see this approach documented but I have used this on other SBCs.

I also switched to another monitor at this point and the device started booting with the blue activity light flashing.

The device then started booting from the SBC. I am not sure which of the above two tasks resolved my issue but it’s now working.