New Radxa Zero not starting up

Hello everyone! Just got my brand new Radxa Zero, it is actually my first single board computer.

I have plugged it into HDMI and supplied with power via USB-C port that is near the edge of the board. And… nothing. It should flash with green light but it shows no signs of life.

Even more, while experimenting with different power sources I have noticed that some get into protection mode while I am plugging Radxa in. Looks like it is short circuited.

Inspection did not show any signs of structural damage so I suppose it is just defective.

I have created a request to the shop to replace my board but was wondering if I could do something to fix the issue (just maybe).

With absolutely nothing else plugged into, connected to, or touching the board, use a multimeter to check continuity between pin 2 and pin 39 on the GPIO header. If there’s continuity, then there’s a short somewhere.

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I did as you proposed and yes, the pins are having the continuity. So I believe the board is totally busted and there is nothing I can do except for returning it to the seller.

Agree. Tagging @RadxaYuntian for the heads up about what sounds like a pretty egregious QC lapse.

We are just back in the office from our May Day holiday.

Since you already contacted the seller for your RMA, you can proceed with them. We do not sell to individual end customers, and as such, warranties and refunds are handled by our distributors instead.

For Zero we do test each individual products at the factory. We will also receive bad returns from our distributors to investigate them.

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Just a follow-up. Store has sent the board to service and after a month of wait they have shipped me a new board. This one is working now.