New PCB Version? 1.3 ->1.4

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today I receive my Rock PI4 A 4GB. PD : was 2019/03 orderd from
Im wondering of the PCB version I found No description or a new schematic for version 1.4.
Has any body informations to this version and by the way I see two ram with 512MBx32Bit for the 4 GB version ??
Is this right?
The other 3 GB placed on the SOC ?
I would be glad to hear something to that version.


The ram is on the other side?

Yes of course :wink:

They Seemed to have fixed the 3.5mm Audio issue on the 1.4 version … its now got a metal ring and is soldered instead of glued …

That is 4gb by the look of it.


Many thank you for the helpful answers.

I also got this 1.4 version.

Here it says that this new version has external Wifi/BT antenna support.

Rock Pi 4b 1.4v

However I cannot see the entraces for the antennas in your pics, do you what they mean with this “support”?


ok so I studied the pics more deeper and I think I found what they mean

here I think is the place where you will be able to solder the external antenna connector

Yes, by default the antenna is routed to on board antenna, but we can also solder an U.FL connector and change the orientation of C3/C4(sharing one pad) to U.FL connector.

Check page 22 of the sch:

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Thanks for the attention, it’s the same procedure for the Rasp Pi Zero. To me it’s only scary to mess with these smd components lol

Its ipex male not sma ? from the pcb that is?

All refer to micro RF coaxial connectors for 0-6Ghz applications based on the Hirose U.FL-series design.

U.FL = U.FL series from Hirose Electric Group


IPEX = MHF series from I-PEX Connectors


Ya got me on IPAX…

IPX = IPX series from LightHorse Technologies


AMC = Amphenol Micro Coaxial connector series from Amphenol RF


MHF = MHF series from I-PEX Connectors


UMCC = Ultraminiature Coax Connector and Cable Assembly Style A Series from Tyco Electronics

I always call them sma but actually they are bigger and different.

I didn’t know there were so many types of connectors. Although, if it is based on the Raspberry Pi Zero W, it is a U.FL connector.

The above are all the same its sma are different there isn’t really a standard just manufactures series names.
The above are all UFL/Ipex which is all you need to search for.
If you click on the links you will notice they are near as damn it identical.