New PCB Version? 1.3 ->1.4

Dir Radxa forum
today I receive my Rock PI4 A 4GB. PD : was 2019/03 orderd from
Im wondering of the PCB version I found No description or a new schematic for version 1.4.
Has any body informations to this version and by the way I see two ram with 512MBx32Bit for the 4 GB version ??
Is this right?
The other 3 GB placed on the SOC ?
I would be glad to hear something to that version.


The ram is on the other side?

Yes of course :wink:

They Seemed to have fixed the 3.5mm Audio issue on the 1.4 version … its now got a metal ring and is soldered instead of glued …

That is 4gb by the look of it.


Many thank you for the helpful answers.