New Fan rock5b not working

I bought from allnet china Rock5 B Acrylic Protector with the Fan, but it doesn’t work.
Do you know if I have to enable the fan power somewhere?


You have to enable it manually.
Here is link to a guide for Debian distribution:

You will find instructions under the Accessories Configuration - Fan section.

Thanks for putting me in the right direction.
Do I have to put this script in a cronjob? Or there is a better way to config the fan?

Alternatively, you can use this one:

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Has to be enabled…
I find this fan control by Xiaowei Zhou works better for me an much simpler to implement:

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Fan Control:
git clone
cd fan-control-rock5b
make package
sudo dpkg -i fan-control*.deb
sudo systemctl enable fan-control
systemctl start fan-control

If you’re on a fresh OS install, you also need to install git and make:

sudo apt install -y git build-essential
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