New Custom Debian ARM64 Build 4.4.154.c83 is finally here!

Unfortunately I can’t run this package on my build, the Chromium in the package is armhf only. Besides Vivaldi doesn’t have ARM64 version either.

I couldn’t find widevinecdm for ARM64 anywhere (the one from Chromebook images no longer works guess Google doesn’t want to pay for free rides :smiley:

I don’t know what caused it but seems one (or more) of the audio daemons dead needed restart. Maybe when it happens check dmesg and try to grep audio or HDMI.
Sorry to hear the USB-C connector is loosen. If you have to replug it every time to reboot I guess that would be expected soon or later. I got the power strip from Amazon has switch button for individual outlets, I hope that will reduce the risk.

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Hi. There is a arm64 Vivaldi.

I think thats the latest snapshot.


There is no magic, in vivaldi’s script:

case “arm64” in
amd64|x86_64) WIDEVINE_ARCH=x64; WIDEVINE_SUM=866f1ae68dae1133ed70768c2e7d3ff98b4a5b88a6fa0c474d5ebbe2d5548a77 ;;
i386) WIDEVINE_ARCH=ia32; WIDEVINE_SUM=6f08217b276eabf35ca0a32dec4477cd7e7af9a47edbcfd898eb75f071a09a9c ;;
arm*) echo “This script does not support ARM. See for more information” >&2; exit ;;

They depend on Google for widevine too, so the ARM64 version of Vivaldi doesn’t support widevine, unfortunately.

Ouch, I feel for you, and we all learned this from you. I’m going to receive my M.2 board today, I’ll pay extreme attention to this.

I love it, I used it to build a SDR aka Software Defined Radio system using GQRX_SDL for RPI3 :slight_smile::heart_eyes:

Hay now hold your horses there… :wink:

thx for your work O635789.
Are you still working on the Bluetooth issue?
Hope you get it fixed, because i loost my audiojack a the first day :frowning:
That´s realy a bad work from Radxa, but i still love the RockPi 4 :wink:

For the bluetooth, please check:

Ubuntu Server Image, No Bluetooth

Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been distracted by other projects, I’ll revisit the Bluetooth issue soon. Bottom line is HDMI audio works as I tested, besides I’m adding an amplifier HAT to power a surface transducer to use as smart speaker, it could be a substitute of the 3.5mm jack too.

HDMI CEC is merged into the kernel already long time ago. Yes, rockpi4-full is a good idea for user who have all the ROCK Pi 4 accessories :slight_smile:

This indeed looks very nice, but where/how can I get linux-headers that match this custom kernel?

cifs.ko is missing. How may I add it?
Alternatively, how may I mount a samba share?

Just wanted to note that, I installed on a 64GB uSD v30 A2(!) card, and the Rock Pi boots to desktop with this distro before my monitor registers the signal from hdmi and show me an image :smiley:

Awesome work, well done.

Hi there,

Thank you for this image!

Could anyone please help me with the following two questions (The answer might also be usefull to add to the wiki):

  1. How can i connect to the rockpi over usb from a linux system (chromeos in my case)
  2. Is there any elegant way to change the username while retaining the nice configuration of the desktop ?

Thank you in advance

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Great Work!!! I’ll try this today and hope everything goes smoothly

Hi. Can you start from nvme with this distribution?

Hi. I managed to boot from NVME perfectly. I really like the appearance achieved. Now, the problem came when doing an update / upgrade. There were errors in the update, and I failed to fix it. Can someone guide me in this problem? Thank you

Hi. I make a query. To install vlc, did you first have to do sudo apt-get update / upgrade? what’s mean of: if you run “sudo apt upgrade” without any protection?How do that? In My case, is the second try, the first broken the system.