New Armbian 22.02 "Pig" release with UEFI x86

Hi all.
Armbian has made a new release, Armbian 22.02 “Pig”.
Here the release announcement.

Here a video I made where I talk about some af the many changes that come with this release.

Greetings, NicoD

HEllo. This work on the rockpi4b?

RockPi4 has been dropped from the supported list.
You can still build your own images for it, or download images from the archives.

I don’t have a RockPi4 anymore. So I can’t say how Armbian is for it.

What happened to it?

I gave it to a friend for his arcade cabinet. He uses it a lot. So it is in good hands.

I’ve got the M4, had the M4V2(it died on a trip), I’ve got the Station P1 and the PineBook Pro.
So I thought I could miss an RK3399.

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You say I can build Armbiam images, but I have tried and rockpi4 is missing from the script targets

Show CSC/WIP/EOS -> rockpi-4(a-c)

Thanks for answering. I was trying to create an image on an x86_64 and it gives me an error:
Running this tool on non x86_64 build host is not supported
Now I will try from the Rockpi board directly. One question: can I create an upgradable Armbian 22.02 Pig image on my Rockpi4 with this tool?

Download direct from Armbian site. Arbian 22.05 Jammy XFCE (or Bullseye cli)