Network Boot of Rock Pi 4?


We have just added Network boot support for the RPi3B+ to our about to be released TLXOS 4.6.0

This can potentially save a lot of money as no storage is required on the Network booted RPi’s

We are hoping that the Rock Pi 4 has been designed with this option also?

The user just installs TLXOS on a RPI, then uses the Management Software or local configuration menu to enable PXE boot Server mode on that RPi, this takes about a minute to configure.

I have been testing this Diskless booted mode on the RPi3B+ while watching the load on the PXE Server RPi which is basically zero CPU most of the time.

I love the Diskless boot performance on the RPi3B+, it will be outstanding on the Rock Pi 4 :slight_smile:


Yes, ROCK Pi 4 supports PXE booting and we have tested it. I am not sure what Diskless boot refer but for ROCK Pi 4, we need a small SPI flash on the board and without eMMC/SD Card/NVMe/USB disk for PXE booting.


Please confirm that the small SPI flash is always fitted to the Rock Pi 4?

Then if we boot the board without eMMC/SD Card/NVMe/USB fitted, the board will attempt to PXE boot?

If so, this is very good as all a USER will need to do is to configure PXE Server mode on one Rock Pi 4 board, and then any Rock Pi 4’s that are PXE booted on the same Subnet will load TLXOS in less than a Minute, see attached image on using the ThinLinX Management Software to enable PXE Server mode on a TLXOS device

We PXE boot a Kernel and initrd, then mount the filesystems over the Network using ATA over Ethernet which is very efficient but only works on the same Subnet.

Thanks Jack