Neopixel support?

Is there an easy way to drive some Neopixels (WS2812B in my case)?
I tried Adafruit Neopixel library at but had no success because of missing rpi_ws281x. Is there an alternative for RockPi4?

Currently I am using Debian Desktop release from Radxa.

Check this:

You need to use SPI to control the LED. First, enable the SPI port by editing the /boot/hw_infc.conf.

Thank you jack,

I will try it soon. One additional question:
If I want to use the first MOSI at pin #19 I will have to use GPIO40 instead of GPIO10 on RaspberryPi, right?

…I had no luck, I only get message that hardware revision is not supported. source code only lists different RasPi versions (rpihw.c), but not sure what has to be added here.
So I will try some Arduino-based hardware and connect it via USB.