Need refund! Support bad

tried contacting support and no answer or mail that they get mail.
Unable to reslove my problem with rock 3c i bought from allnetchina.
I used paypal i want refund. If wants to help me they can concat me with email Sorry for bad english not native.

When did you email them ?

Please wait for sometime for them to respond.

Why don’t you post the issue here in forum. if anyone else is facing the same issue then they might be able to help you.

Good Luck.

Sure i will give time to respond, but as of now i searched whole forum for answer, go to discord of radxa, also tried with docker discord and they tell me that is now worth my time and im no linux expert and englih is not my native laguange.

First please share your problem with the device, then someone will try to help you.

Without knowing the problem how can anyone help you ?

Tried installing docker on radxa rock 3c and it just gives me docker demon is not running, when i run command with docker.

We just checked our support email, we did not receive emails from your email account.

For the docker issue, which image did you download?

With wich email did you checked? As of image i used ubuntu server for rock 3c and also i tried debian xfce for rock 3c.

The one you registered here with

I send email with this:

That means docker daemon is not running.

Did you start the docker service for the daemon?

You need to share more information with details or share the tutorial you’re following.

i checked with systemd and indeed it was runing, but still says docker demon is not runing. That now those not matter i got refund from PAYPAL and not support… thank you for support.