Need layout files / gerbers

Hello all. I’m interested in using the Rockpi4 as the basis for a new design, but we need it in a different board shape. Are the Rockpi4 layout files (either native or gerbers) available? Specifically, we would want to use the exact DDR4 layout as the Rockpi4. Also, is a Bill-of-Materials available?


Nice try :smile:

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Nice try like the documentation doesn’t exist or won’t be made public?

I haven’t found a clue anywhere that the RockPi 4 is open hardware. I even think that not one of the RK3399 boards is open hardware. So what’s your question then?

Public files can be found here -

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I suppose that answers my question then. I didn’t realize it wasn’t open like so many other platforms. Thanks for the courteous response, though.

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Apparently the components reference pdf isn’t even publicly accessible.
“You don’t have permission to access /rockpi/docs/hw/rockpi4/rockpi4_v14_components_reference_201811122.pdf on this server.”

The owner of Olimex, an OSHW company once said, there is no real open source hardware from China:

The3.5 Olimex clones on Aliexpress have completely destroyed Olimex of course.

They are no longer able to offer nice SBC with completely open hardware